Where Are They Now? Bank Transfer Day Five Years Later

Five years ago, a consumer-focused movement was launched in Bank Transfer Day, a one-time event that dislodged millions of accounts from Wall St. banks, netting 2.4 million credit union members, nationwide.

With the five year anniversary on the horizon, and a host of fresh big bank activity helping to refresh the movement, we wanted to check-in on where some of those new members are now, along with credit union staff who joined back then.

Think of it as “Where Are They Now?” for credit unions. How have their financial lives improved since joining? Have they started a business? Expanded one? Did they meet their significant other while in line waiting to join? Remember those lines?

That’s where I started

I’ll go first—I joined a credit union on Bank Transfer Day.

My then-girlfriend (now wife) felt strongly about bank culture, as many consumers had. Bank Transfer Day was an attainable leverage point, something the average consumer could grab onto and claim as their own.

She did just that, pooling our finances and opening accounts with a credit union. We’ve gone from two renters with shaky credit scores to a married couple with strong credit, personal and retirement savings, and are shopping for our first home. Two constants outside of each other are Bank Transfer Day, and our cat.

What about your members who joined on Bank Transfer Day? Or staff? How have they progressed since that day, five years ago?

Share their stories, or yours, with us via email, or on social media using #CU5YearsLater to help celebrate Bank Transfer Day. Share however you’d like: Word documents, Tweets, even videos.

Need a boost?

We put together some sample social media messages to use in gathering stories from your members. Download them from Dropbox or right here.

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