Dear World MAXX Photos Available: What Next?

One of the many individual messages shared through Dear World at MAXX.

During the 2016 MAXX Convention in SeaTac, attendees were welcomed by an experience that would both bookend their time together during the convention, and present a valuable personal takeaway once they left.

Dear World opened the conference by sharing individual stories from the Northwest Credit Union Movement, starting with the short messages scrawled on their bodies, and next from the storytellers, themselves. Each took the stage to elaborate on what made them unique, and why it was important to their personal fabric.

Shortly after that session ended, dozens of attendees lined up to share their stories with Dear World. One by one they scratched out short messages on their arms, chests, faces and hands. Stories of happiness, hope, reflection and empowerment, each connected to credit union professionals, to be sure, but not always bound to credit unions.

“Groups tend to be self-selecting, so you’ll see people mostly eager to share their stories, but this group was especially warm and friendly,” said Katie Greenman, Dear World Story-Teller. “It’s amazing what people will share.”

Greenman and her team pulled together most of the stories for a compelling visual slideshow that rolled during the Closing Session at MAXX. Suddenly, the cavernous hotel ballroom felt much smaller than it had two days prior. Those watching smiled a little easier, shed a few more tears and appeared stitched closer together by the shared experience of seeing their individual stories up on the big screen.

But what now? Those who shared their stories with Dear World are set to receive their images soon. Greenman added that Dear World hopes the images serve as catalysts, letting individuals share their stories with their colleagues, and building stronger teams and communities.

“It can be a shared experience,” she said. “There were CEOs sharing alongside management teams, and so on. They can take these images and build a larger dialogue both with their credit unions and the larger community in the Northwest.”

Did you get your image shot with Dear World at MAXX? How do you plan on sharing—and continuing to share—your story?

Download your Dear World image at the link here, where you can either download a digital copy for free or purchase a printed portrait.

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