Spokane Chapter ‘Hits Nail on the Head’ for ICU Day Playground Build

Play area shown currently (top) with rendering of play structure (bottom).

The Spokane Chapter of Credit Unions is taking the International Credit Union Day tenet of “people helping people” literally this year.

To celebrate the worldwide credit union event on October 20, area credit unions, staff and volunteers will come together to build a new playground at the Northeast Community Center in Spokane.

“This is going to be very hands-on, said Wendie Ellis, President of the Spokane Chapter, and AVP of Deposits/Operations with Numerica Credit Union.

“We are going to be constructing the playground. Part of the reason we are excited about it is that it’s tangible. We are going to have something to give them at the end of the day,” she added.

The cooperative project will result in a new playground for the Northeast Community Center in Spokane. The center, which currently serves around 100 kids every day, does not have a play area. Just asphalt.

Workers will tear up that asphalt prior to project day, prepping the soil for credit union volunteers to install 1,000-square-feet of rubber playground tile. They will assemble and install playground equipment and perform other service projects around the center. All told, the project is estimated to cost $16,900.

Ellis was effusive in her praise for those behind the project—including Traci McGlathery of STCU, an original booster for the effort.

“Tracy really spearheaded the project,” Ellis said. “She reached out to the Chapter to act as a convener, bringing together all of the credit unions in the area to help for the project.”

You don’t need to be an electrical contractor or architect to join in. Ellis made the pitch for anyone and everyone involved in the Credit Union Movement to participate.

“We just need the people out there,” she said, while adding that they will have construction professionals on hand to direct workers.

“The big idea is to bring our credit unions together and show that we’re here to live the cooperative principles for International Credit Union Day,” she said.

The work party starts at 8 am and runs through noon on October 20. Organizers are pushing for 100 percent participation from all Spokane-area credit unions. To get involved, contact Wendie Ellis directly at wellis@numericacu.com to pledge time, talent or monetary support.

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