Chapters Help Staff Grow, Evolve, and Thrive Through Collaboration

Collaboration and networking shouldn’t be confined to a cubicle, office, teller window or Board room. In fact, some of the best opportunities happen outside those areas with Chapter events. And NWCUA Chapters have been busy networking and supporting the Credit Union Movement this summer, from baseball games to golf tournaments.

“These events provide an opportunity for individuals from many credit unions to network with others that they may not normally engage with, and at a space that is outside the office, said Melina Young, Director of Marketing and Brand at Verity Credit Union, and President of the King County Chapter.

“When these events can combine with an effort to donate to a great organization like Credit Unions for Kids, it truly creates a win-win situation. Credit unions and chapters all exist to serve, and events like this help us give back while getting better,” she added.

The Central Oregon Chapter also held a social and networking event at a Bend Elks game in July, while the Pierce County Chapter hosted a social and networking event of its own at the Tacoma Rainier’s Game shortly after after.

Just recently, the Willamette Chapter hosted an event at the Eugene Emerald’s Baseball Game and BBQ. Willamette President James Skinner of Selco Credit Union, echoed Young’s thoughts:

“I love that we’re unique as credit unions in that we network and collaborate to support causes—whether that’s fundraising for a charity, or volunteering our time,” he said.

And for those who want to join but don’t want to engage in the competition part? You’re covered. Melina Young from the King County Chapter described her involvement in the most recent golf tournament.

“I don’t play in the tournament, but instead get to roam around the beautiful greens in a golf cart, having conversations with all of the players. It was a great opportunity to network, get some exercise in the sunshine, and give back to a great cause,” she said.

Upcoming Opportunities

Want to get involved in a Chapter event near you?

The Spokane Chapter is hosting their annual golf tournament on September 9.

The Kitsap County Chapter is hosting their annual golf tournament—in partnership with Pierce County—on September 15, benefiting Credit Unions for Kids, as well.

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