Verity Nabs Spot on Top 100 Business List

Anthem: How did you find out?

Verity: We were notified by email.  There were multiple high-fives exchanged.  We were particularly proud that this is the fourth consecutive year we have made this list.

Anthem: How did everyone feel about being recognized in a more mainstream way with so many other businesses? Have you heard any response from your members?

Verity: Everyone was very excited.  Obviously we are thrilled that are employees feel this is a great place to work.  However, it is the feedback we receive as part of this process that really creates a sense of excitement around the organization.    We are able to see where our employees feel we have improved the workplace, and where we have opportunities to be even better.

We haven’t received too much feedback from our members, but it is routinely mentioned by potential candidates.  We have had multiple candidates seek us out as an organization as they have seen that we have consistently been named as a best place to work.   The Seattle market is so competitive when it comes to recruiting talent, this is a distinction that really sets us apart.

Anthem: Your sub category was ‘large companies’ – but as a credit union you’re classified as mid-sized. Your charter was expanded to serve all of Washington, too. Do those titles play into your service to members?

Verity: The first year we applied for this distinction we competed in the non-profit category.  We received first place, which was great.  However, when it comes to competing for talent we are often being judged against large companies.  Therefore, we felt it was more beneficial to rank ourselves in this space.  The belief is that if our employees feel they work at a great place they will go further in striving to deliver value to our members.  At the end of the day having a motivated, engaged workforce is paramount in ensuring that we provide outstanding service to our members.

Anthem: Anything planned to celebrate?

Verity: We definitely took a moment to pause and recognize the moment. However, we have already started planning on how we can further improve our workplace. 

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