Seattle Area Credit Unions Commit $1 Million Toward Unfunded Care at Seattle Children’s

Just some of the many stakeholders involved in making the skybridge a possibility.

When a child is hospitalized, the last thing family members need to worry about is the cost of treatment. Seattle area credit unions stepped up with another Credit Unions for Kids solution June 29, committing $1 million towards “uncompensated care” expenses not covered by insurance and virtually unaffordable for families.

Federal Way mom Janette Braun would know about that worry. Her eight year old daughter Sienna was diagnosed with leukemia in 2014, relapsed in 2015 and underwent a bone marrow transplant eight months ago. Treatment costs have topped $3 million, but thanks to great medical insurance and corporate sponsorship of uncompensated care costs, the family has not been saddled with bills.

“We don’t have to worry about any of that,” Janette said. “All we get to do is focus 100-percent on her, and her everyday needs.”

Janette, Sienna and Sienna’s stuffed monkey “Ooh-Ooh Aha Purple” attended the ceremonial naming of the Level 6 Skybridge for Credit Unions for Kids.

“Seattle Children’s!” Sienna said, “I love this place. This is my favorite hospital now.”

Click here for an infographic breakdown of uncompensated care provided at Seattle Children’s.

Sienna thanked her nurses by name, along with the school teacher who came to the hospital to help Sienna keep up with assignments, ensuring her enrollment in 3rd grade this fall.  As she bounces back from cancer, Sienna said she hopes to do normal kid stuff this summer, including hosting a sleepover for her BFFs.

That would be the outcome Credit Unions for Kids contributors hope for.

“The number one cause of bankruptcy,” said Jim Morrell, CEO of Shelton, WA-based Peninsula Credit Union, “is medical debit. And if we can help families avoid that, and avoid some of the anxieties and stress related to their finances, on behalf of the child who goes through care at Seattle Children’s then we’re really helping the overall health and wellbeing of that child and that family.”

In the past decade, Seattle area credit unions have contributed over $1 million to help Seattle Children’s Hospital fulfill a variety of patient and family needs. Dr. Elaine Albert, Medical Director of Seattle Children’s Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, helped to cut the ribbon during the Skybridge dedication and thanked credit unions profusely for helping the hospital to continue its important life saving work.

Editor’s note: Watch Anthem in the coming weeks for more video and interviews from the Skybridge dedication.

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