Rivermark Creates $100,000 Endowment With Oregon Community Foundation

(L-to-R) Nick Hodson, Vice President of Finance, Rivermark Community Credit Union; Scott Burgess, President & CEO, Rivermark Community Credit Union; Wendy Usher, Philanthropic Advisor, The Oregon Community Foundation; Seth Schaefer, Vice President of Operations, Rivermark Community Credit Union; Jackie Henderson, Vice President of Human Resources, Rivermark Community Credit Union; Gayle Gustafson, Vice President of Lending, Rivermark Community Credit Union; David Noble, Vice President of Marketing, Rivermark Community Credit Union

Rivermark Community Credit Union (Beaverton, OR) has announced the establishment of the Rivermark Community Fund in partnership with The Oregon Community Foundation.

Rivermark made an initial grant of $100,000 to establish the fund and will pursue opportunities to continue to grow the fund through a variety of activities, including employee and member donations. Rivermark has set a goal of reaching $1 million in assets for the fund through employee and member donations.

“Establishing the Rivermark Community Fund is another example of how Rivermark and its employees continually seek ways to give back to this community,” said Scott Burgess, President and CEO of Rivermark. “We’re excited to make this initial contribution and look forward to increasing the size of this ongoing fund in the years ahead.”

“It’s very exciting that Rivermark is showing such a strong commitment to the community,” said Max Williams, OCF President and CEO. “The unique focus of this fund provides an opportunity for Rivermark to partner with non-profit organizations for sustained philanthropy and economic growth.”

Non-profit organizations that support small businesses are encouraged to contact the Oregon Community Foundation online at www.oregoncf.org/ocf-initiatives/jobs-and-the-economy.

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