Strategic Link Partner MAP is Helping Credit Unions Break Into Mobile Payments

Member Access Pacific (MAP) has introduced something called the Visa Digital Commerce App, an issuer-branded mobile commerce product that enables credit unions to offer their own mobile app to members with card management services that are intended to ultimately expand and strengthen their credit and debit card programs.

Through the mobile app, credit unions can offer services such as real-time account balance information, card controls, alerts that inform accountholders about recent transactions or fraud concerns, and token services that are intended to bring greater security to contactless payments on NFC-enabled Android smartphones. MAP states that as a hosted service, the app is intended to simplify the delivery of a broad array of card management features and provides a roadmap for issuers to rapidly deploy new features and enhancements.

“The Visa Digital Commerce App brings together a comprehensive set of services to empower our credit union clients their own digital payment experience to cardholders, while keeping their brand and relationship with the cardholder front and center,” said Cyndie Martini, MAP President and CEO.

Today more than 40 U.S. financial institutions are implementing the Digital Commerce App—including GESA Credit Union and Our Community Credit Union.

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