Insights From Consumers: Bridging the Gap for Hardworking Americans

Broad lifestyle shifts are changing members’ financial and investment decisions. Below are key trends to pay attention to, along with consumer videos that provide deeper insight. Traditional financial services may not fit these new models. Collectively, we need to look at new opportunities to serve members better

The Gig Economy

The way people work is changing. Companies such as Lyft and Uber act as independent contractors for self-employed workers—without paid benefits and job security that traditional jobs offer.

The Transforming Family

As the dfinition of family continues to transform, financial services may not have caught up to meet the new demands.

Meet Gen Z

The children of millennials, Gen X and Millennials, Gen Zers are considered tech-savvy and independent. They don’t remember a time before smartphones and social media…and they influence $44 billion in spending annually.

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