St. Helens Community CU Releases Second Mobile App, Bringing Member Value Galore to Screens Across the Northwest

St. Helens Community Credit Union, coming off multiple Spectrum Marketing Award wins to start this month, is set to release its second mobile app at the close of it. The Go Local app is a partnership with member engagement firm Larky, and connects the user to targeted deals in their area, sending them a ping when a partner business near them is offering a deal—from coffee to pizza.

Go Local expands on what seems to be a growing trend of financial institutions—led by credit unions—toward increased mobile functionality. 76 percent of credit unions polled as part of a recent survey reported using mobile apps of some kind. Anthem talked to Ryann Weaver, Vice President of Marketing for St. Helens Community Credit Union, which manages nearly $190 million in assets for more than 15,000 members, about Go Local and what St. Helens hopes to accomplish.

Anthem: To start, can you give a quick description of how it works, from a user perspective?

Weaver: Once a member downloads the app and signs in, they see the list of local discounts available to them. Additionally, when they drive by the local pizza place for example, they’ll receive a push notification that they have a discount available. To use the discount, they simply use their St. Helens Community debit or credit card to make the purchase. The discounts can be used again and again.

Anthem: Where did the process begin for the app? In other words, how was the decision made?

Weaver: We really focus on bringing value to our members. Go Local has the real potential to save them money, and they’ll appreciate the connection to local businesses. We really think it’s a win-win—for our members and for local small businesses. There’s a huge buy local push in Columbia County, so this should be well received.

Anthem: Do you have any benchmarks for member response, usage and service you’re hoping to see from Go Local?

Weaver: There is already some buzz in the area about Go Local. So, we’re hoping for strong adoption.

Anthem: What kind of services have signed up so far, or do you expect to bring aboard?

Weaver: There is everything from restaurants to hardware stores to hair salons and everything in between.

Anthem: What do you think of being a credit union founded in 1938 with two mobile apps for its members?

Weaver:  As a credit union, we remain committed to the principles of a cooperative that were important back in 1938—but also know that continuing to evolve our value proposition through technology is crucial to remaining relevant to our members.


Want to check out Go Local for yourself? Check out the Apple and Google Play store on April 27, and contact Larky if you are a credit union looking to build engagement with your members and local businesses.

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