Technology Spotlight: Rivermark Community CU Launches Eyeprint ID and Smartwatch Mobile Banking

Are your members constantly forgetting their passwords? Portland-based Rivermark Community Credit Union has launched a biometric authentication solution developed by a partnership between EyeVerify and Digital Insight

The Eyeprint ID Login offers a higher level of security and protection of the member’s personal information, according to EyeVerify, because “eyeprints cannot be lost, forgotten, or stolen.” Creating a login is as simple as taking a selfie.

The emerging technology isn’t being offered by other Northwest credit unions yet, but is catching on elsewhere in the country.

“We’ve had a very positive response in the financial services industry,” notes Chris Barnett, EVP of Global Sales and Marketing for EyeVerify. “Our first partners launched last year, and we’ve more than doubled the number of financial institutions using Eyeprint ID within the first few months of this year. Feedback from their end users has been encouraging. A large benefit to those financial institutions is the increased usage of their mobile banking apps that results from the greater convenience and security of Eyeprint ID.”

In addition to the Eyeprint ID feature, Rivermark’s new Mobile Banking system will support another first in Oregon: Mobile Banking via Smartwatch. Available for both Android and Apple Watch, the Smartwatch system will allow members to check their balance and view the last five transactions through an app installed on their Smartwatch device.

“We’re proud to be the first credit union to offer both the biometric Eyeprint login as well as the Smartwatch integration,” said Robert Mills, Vice President of Technology for Rivermark. “We’ve been deliberate in selecting technology that continues to expand and enhance the convenience of banking with Rivermark.”

These technology upgrades will provide new features for members that enhance their online experience, including the following:

  • Person to person payments through Popmoney – allowing members to send, request, and receive money to anyone with just an email address or mobile number.
  • Quick balance – allowing members to check their balance without having to log into Online or Mobile Banking.
  • Interactive widgets – allowing members to track their qualification for special benefits, such as Free Checking Plus, or make purchasing decisions with auto loan calculators.
  • Personal finance software – allowing members to create budgets and track their spending for all their accounts, including those at other financial institutions.

“We believe our technology solutions help provide a higher level of convenience for our members,” said David Noble, Vice President of Marketing at Rivermark. “The upgrade of our Online and Mobile Banking platform is just the latest evolution of our goal to help members manage their finances whenever, wherever, and however they choose.”

Noble said another interactive tool built for Rivermark’s mobile banking app helps members estimate a car payment based on their credit history.

“Members simply drag the interactive slider to match their credit score and the software instantaneously calculates their monthly payment based on their credit score, amount borrowed, term and qualifying interest rate.  It’s yet another convenient self-service option to help our members personalize their financial needs.”

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