STCU’s Financial Education Efforts Result in National CUNA Award

Students in Newport, Washington were among 1,400 to participate in STCU’s “My Life, My Money” program in 2015.

STCU’s financial education mission is constant-focused on consumers from “age 5 to 95”—touching nearly 9,000 people in 2015 alone, of which 7,710 were youth. The Liberty Lake, Washington-based credit union is perennially recognized nationally for delivering on the “people helping people” philosophy. The latest honor for STCU is an honorable mention in CUNA’s national Desjardins Youth Financial Education awards program for the “My Life, My Money Game Show.” That innovative program is presented in an interactive question and answer format using popular TV commercials. A delegation from STCU received the prestigious award during the CUNA Governmental Affairs Conference in Washington, D.C. last month.

According to Traci McGlathery, Community Relations Manager, the trademarked curriculum has evolved over more than a decade and is created through a collaborative process involving the education outreach team, educators, and financial education curriculum sources.

 “We work through a pretty rigorous process of evaluating what is requested by educators, while making sure we bring materials into the classroom in a fun and engaging manner,” said McGlathery.

STCU raises awareness about “My Life, My Money” through teacher outreach sponsorship of school assemblies, community involvement, and by front-line staff evangelization. At this point, the program has become so popular, testimonials from educators and participants are helping to spread the word.

“There are many, many examples of kids who say they had no idea what it meant to actually manage their money, establish budgets and set goals, and many of them are high school seniors who will need that knowledge in just a few months,” McGlathery said.  After experiencing any of STCU’s financial education programs, she noted, it’s not unusual for the CEO to get an appreciative call, or for an email to sing the praises of Keith Appleton, STCU’s Education Outreach Coordinator.

“Just wanted you to know what you’re doing is helping these kids,” said Trina Clayeux, Director for the Center for Future Pathways, in an email to Appleton. “Youth here are saying they have implemented many of the ideas you presented.”

Educators and students aren’t the only fans of “My Life, My Money.”  The program “keeps us all on our toes and stretches us to grow as presenters each and every day,” said McGlathery. “Our entire team has implemented many of our teachings in their personal lives and all comment on how teaching financial literacy has helped us make wise decisions to save more, potentially waiting to make a purchase and has helped us all to be mindful about our retirement.”

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