NWCUA Rolls Out Cybersecurity Resource Center for Credit Unions

Awareness, technology, team training, and good planning can help credit unions prevent or respond to cybersecurity threats. The Northwest Credit Union Association’s Compliance Team has pooled important resources for member credit unions and posted them to an online, password-protected resource center.

“Credit unions don’t have to remember all of the different regulatory agencies that issue guidance on cybersecurity. It’s all here and updated regularly,” said David Curtis, Director of Compliance Services.

As new information is issued by regulators, law enforcement and industry experts, the resource center will be updated, Curtis added.

“Cybersecurity is an important issue for credit unions, and there is lots of information available to the credit union industry. The problem is that the information is located in so many different places that it can be hard to keep track of, added Katie Clark, Regulatory and Compliance Analyst. Our Cybersecurity Resource Page aims to pool all of these resources into one location so credit unions don’t have to spend time locating the resources—instead, they can spend time using the resources to develop or enhance their cybersecurity prevention, detection, and response plans.

Resources available include:

  • Private industry notifications issued by the FBI;
  • Information for contacting the FBI about cybersecurity related incidents;
  • Best practices to prevent, detect, and respond to cybersecurity incidents collected by NWCUA staff through research and dialogue with industry experts; and
  • Tips for credit unions to consider when looking into cybersecurity insurance.

Credit union professionals can log into the resource center here.

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