Change Things: Make 2016 a Transformative Year With Emerging Leaders

Credit union leaders aren’t born. They develop themselves with practice, intention, and mentoring from the exceptional leaders before them. Emerging Leaders 2016 will accelerate your journey to remarkable credit union leadership.

Participants attend three three-day intensive sessions, where expert trainers from DDJ Myers coach them through exercises to build leadership qualities. Over the course of the program, participants also implement real-world projects in their credit unions to apply their developing skills.

“Participants find that the program not only impacts their careers, it impacts every dimension of their lives,” said DDJ Myers Vice President of Innovative Leadership and Education Susan Geear. “This is a transformational leadership program that provides participants the opportunity to accelerate their credit union careers and their lives.

“What makes Emerging Leaders so unique and effective is that it begins with building greater self awareness,” Geear added, “so participants can then build great awareness of the people around them and how they can best contribute and effectively coordinate with others.”

She also said that the 2016 program will be the fourth cohort, and will incorporate three years of learning. “We continually enhance the program to provide the most impactful experience for each of the participants,” she said.

Scholarship Contest

Strategic Link is proud to sponsor the 2016 Emerging Leadership Scholarship Contest, which will award one candidate a tuition-free registration to the 2016 Emerging Leaders Training Program. Strategic Link creates value at all levels of the Northwest credit union ecosystem, and is committed to helping credit unions develop their talent.

“Bold, passionate, and approachable leaders are vital to the future of the credit union industry. The Emerging Leaders Program helps individuals become this type of leader,” said Liz Henderson, Business Development Officer at Maps Credit Union, who won the 2015 Scholarship Contest and completed the Emerging Leaders Program.

“Emerging Leaders gave me the tangible tools and confidence to take something from idea to execution,” she continued. “And just as importantly, it helped me become more self-aware and understand the areas I need to strengthen to consistently perform at my best.

 “Commit to EL 2016,” she added. “I promise: you will not regret it.”

Skills You Can Expect to Enhance

  • Transformative Change: Learn the theory of transformative change and its practical application within an organization;
  • Strategic Leadership Development: Discover the importance of taking effective action in planned and unplanned change;
  • Executive Presence: Develop practices to be more open and connected by cultivating the right attitude, language, and mood;
  • Applied Executive Communication: Unlock the potential of language and listening, with a unique appreciation of the complexities of communication and diverse perspectives; and
  • Social Responsibility: Explore the social responsibility of “People Helping People.”

Program Details

The Emerging Leaders Program includes:

  • Three-day training blocks in each of the following three categories:
    • Strategic Leadership;
    • Building Leadership Presence; and
    • The Practice of Leadership;
    • Four executive/leadership coaching sessions with program trainers;
    • Class size is limited to 20 students to provide Individualized attention from trainers; and
    • An opportunity to present your final project to peers and colleagues at our 2016 annual Convention.

Program Schedule

Training sessions are scheduled for the following dates:

  • Week 1: March 9-11, 2016
  • Week 2: June 22-24, 2016
  • Week 3: August 24-26, 2016

Geear said that participants in the program grow as much as they are willing to invest. “If they are ready to develop themselves, themselves being the key word,” she said, “and if they are up for a real challenge, then they will get as much out of Emerging Leaders as they put in.”

For more information and to register, visit the 2016 Emerging Leaders Program page. And for more information on the Scholarship Contest, read the official rules.

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