Bruce Rouillard, Former Washington League CEO, Leaves Lofty Legacy

Bruce Roulliard, former President and CEO of the Washington Credit Union League, passed away last week. He battled Parkinson’s disease for five years and spent his final moments at home with his family.

Bruce is remembered for his many contributions to the Movement here in the Northwest and nationally. His summiting of Mt. Rainier with a group of credit union professionals inspired the NWCUA’s Summit Awards, honoring some of the Northwest’s most impactful leaders.

But one story in particular brought his life into touching alignment with the credit union mission and philosophy.

Bruce’s grandson Nathan was diagnosed as an infant with a rare genetic disorder called Fragile X Syndrome. The syndrome interferes with brain development by limiting the production of certain proteins. It results in intellectual disability and sometimes, as in Nathan’s case, autism.

From his first diagnosis onward, Nathan was cared for by Seattle Children’s Hospital, a Children’s Miracle Network (CMN) Hospital, and their speech and occupational therapy helped Nathan to enjoy a happy childhood.

When the opportunity arose for Nathan and his family to represent CMN Hospitals at the Northwest Credit Union Association’s annual Credit Unions for Kids Auction to support CMN Hospitals, his mother Michelle jumped at the chance. Her father’s love of credit unions inspired her, she said.

“Credit unions are near and dear to our hearts,” she said at the time, citing her father Bruce’s early teachings about the credit union spirit. “We have great passion for the ‘People Helping People’ philosophy, and it’s our turn to walk the talk.

“This has brought our family closer together,” she added. “My dad is the most positive person in my life, always seeing the glass as half full.”

She said that Bruce was one of Nathan’s favorite pals.

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