10 Ways to Prepare for a Core Conversion

Your core processor is just as central as it sounds. It’s at the heart of the products and services you offer your members.

To keep pace with racing technological change, many credit unions are considering swapping their current core processors for more modern ones. CUProdigy offers these 10 ways to prepare for switching core processors.

  1. Create a single point of contact for the entire conversion process;
  2. Establish weekly meetings with your internal team. Meet more often as you approach your “go-live” date;
  3. Create a timeline of events;
  4. Remember that your new system is not your old system;
  5. Establish staffing requirements early;
  6. Create a plan for employees to stay engaged throughout the process;
  7. Create an “As Is / To Be” document for vendors and major internal processes;
  8. Create a marketing plan and talk to your members early and often;
  9. Training is key; and
  10. Plan for things to break at some point.

To see brief explanations of each point, see the full infographic here.

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