What Financial Questions Do People Google Throughout the Year?

Google has released an annual calendar of search trends specifically for financial institutions that credit union marketers will find useful. By analyzing what people searched for at different times of the year, Google has identified key financial interest points for different months.

The results will come as little surprise to credit unions, as they are known for being in tune with their members’ needs and goals. But the infographic Google created is a helpful reminder for marketers as to what people are interested in as the seasons change.

For instance, Google found that in November interest in credit card applications reaches its peak for the year, as people stock up on holiday gifts. Whereas in January, people search for savings options like 401Ks.

Search interest in paying taxes peaks in February and is quickly followed by increased interest in saving tax refunds. And travel interest peaks in July, followed closely by paying for college in August.

Click here to view and download the whole calendar and compare your members with Google’s more universal trends. And click here for more insights from Google for financial institutions.

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