Keeping America Strong: Infographic Shows How CUNA Mutual Group Protects Members and Serves Credit Unions

“Members come first,” says a bold heading on CUNA Mutual Group’s recent infographic, ‘Keeping America Strong.’

The interactive image shows how CUNA Mutual’s offerings support members during times of unexpected hardship. Click on the icon for Debt Protection, for instance, and up pops the story of a member named Louise, who lost her job shortly after purchasing a new car, but is covered by Debt Protection.

The story also shows that one in four Americans will become disabled, and one in three have collections in their credit reports, underscoring the need for such a service.

“An unexpected hardship should never threaten the dreams members work so hard to achieve,” says the infographic.

The member-focused offerings highlighted in the image include:

  • Debt Protection;
  • Credit Insurance;
  • Guaranteed Asset Protection;
  • Mechanical Repair Coverage; and
  • Mortgage Payment Protection.

It also shows how CUNA Mutual supports credit unions as they work to build the financial health and wellbeing of their members. “We provide the tools you need to lend smarter and, ultimately, to better serve your members,” says the image.

The credit union-focused offerings include:

  • Loanliner Document Solutions;
  • Lending System;
  • Smartphone Loans;
  • AskAuto;
  • Loan Generation Marketing; and
  • Lender Development Program.

To learn more, check out the full interactive infographic here, and visit CUNA Mutual Group page on the Strategic Link website.

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