Save Money, Enjoy World Class Service, and Get Free Next-Day Delivery With OfficeMax

It takes a lot of stuff to run a credit union—from the computers and printers that stay buzzing all day long to the seats, desks, and tables where employees serve members and crunch numbers. It all adds up.

Strategic Link helps you subtract from those sums through a special group purchasing program with OfficeMax. Through OfficeMax Workplace, Northwest credit unions get discounts on the products they need most. And every order is handled with OfficeMax’s world class customer service.

And it’s not just for pens and toner. OfficeMax supplies furniture, technology, and printing and document services—even full office designs and redesigns—all at special volume-discounted prices for Northwest credit unions.

Here are four reasons that OfficeMax Workplace should be your first choice for everything from staplers to a conference room overhaul:

  1. Discounts Rise as Credit Unions Buy. Supply and demand says that the more demand there is for a product, the higher the price will be. But volume discounts work just the opposite. The more credit unions use OfficeMax Workplace, the more aggressive OfficeMax can be in discounting their products and services. Every quarter they look at the numbers and adjust prices down as volume goes up.

    It’s a matter of buying power, says Danny Weddle, National Account Manager for OfficeMax. “Credit unions get access to more buying power by banding together as a group,” he said. But you don’t have to coordinate orders with other credit unions to get the discount. You simply align your account with the Strategic Link offer (a simple process that Strategic Link can help with), order what you need, when you need it, and OfficeMax gives you the group discount on all your orders.

  2. Next-Day Shipping With World Class Service. Shipping is free to Northwest credit unions on all orders over $50, and most in-stock items are delivered the next business day. It’s hard to beat that deal.

    But to add to it, every order is backed up by OfficeMax’s award-winning customer care. Their team of customer service reps is on call to help you place orders, make returns, find replacements, and anything else you need.

  3. Dedicated Team of Professionals at Your Service. Above and beyond the usual customer service, OfficeMax offers a dedicated sales team—both in the field and in the home office—who stand ready to guide Northwest credit unions through big changes and upcoming purchase decisions. They work as consultants, problem solvers, and the ultimate resource to make sure credit unions are happy with their OfficeMax experience.

    For larger opportunities, OfficeMax professionals will visit your credit union and walk with you through the big decisions of space planning, design, product selection, and more. And for the smaller but still significant decisions, their inside team is only a phone call away.

  4. Big Ticket, Big Discount. OfficeMax is much more than pens and paperclips. They are a world class provider of furniture, technology, business services, and other big ticket items that can put a weight on credit unions’ pocket books. And through the Strategic Link group purchasing program, those big ticket items come with big discounts.

    Savings on things like paper and toner are important and add up over time, but when it comes to buying new furniture, computers, and copiers, credit unions need to make sure to get the best prices available. And that’s where OfficeMax Workplace saves credits unions lots of money quickly.

The constant flow of office supplies is a quiet but important part of credit unions’ operations, and big purchases make a big difference. By purchasing from OfficeMax Workplace through Strategic Link’s group purchasing program, credit unions can minimize their costs while getting great customer service and next-day shipping. And if you’re still wondering whether to make OfficeMax your provider, remember, as more credit unions join, the deals only get sweeter.

To get in on these group purchasing discounts and world class service, contact your Association’s Director of Strategic Partnerships, Craig Reed—, 206.340.4789—and ask about OfficeMax.

Strategic Link is the NWCUA’s wholly-owned service corporation, using the power of collective action to provide the Association’s member credit unions with exclusive, high-quality, competitively-priced products and discounted services. Try our new CU Match Up tool to find the right partner for your credit union’s business needs. Contact Director of Strategic Partnerships Craig Reed at today to find out how Strategic Link can help your credit union save money while meeting its goals in 2015 and beyond.

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