“HACK ATTACK!@!!” Breakout to Address Credit Unions’ Cybersecurity Preparedness

Image courtesy of Ed Ivanushkin on flickr.

Brandon Henry gets paid to break into financial institutions’ cyber networks. Don’t worry; he’s a good guy. As the Senior IS Manager for CliftonLarsonAllen, Henry works with businesses to address weaknesses in their network systems.

In a recent test, Henry says, he hacked into the network of a $5-6 billion asset-sized bank—in just three minutes.

At the “HACKATTACK!@!!” breakout session during the Northwest Credit Union Association’s Amplify Convention in Portland next month, attendees will see a hack that was recorded in “real time” and benefit from the lessons learned. Henry will share several hack scenarios and solutions.

October happens to be National Cybersecurity month.

“This is such a timely subject,” Henry says. “Every week, news of a new threat comes out.”

Indeed. Go ahead and Google “Cyber Security News.”

This week, noted cyber security blogger Brian Krebs provided extensive documentation of an organized crime ring bribing staff at resorts in Mexico to allow them to skim ATM machines. The impact on unsuspecting tourists and their banks is yet to be determined. The headlines around the Krebs report are but one new reminder for credit union leaders of how critical an issue this is.

The solution is not technology security alone, Henry says.

“The biggest weakness in almost every case,” Henry says, “is the people.”  Hackers, he notes, need only minutes to “go from having no credentials to escalating their rights to full admin access needed to take over a network.”

Hack attack exercises Henry performs are excellent teaching tools, he notes. “Our clients with good visibility on their networks are able to kick us out in short order.”

Henry will bring a deliberate and goal oriented approach to the breakout session—not just “tech speak”—but solutions board members, C-suite executives, and IT leadership will share and understand.

Editor’s note: The HACK ATTACK!@!! breakout session is scheduled for October 7 at 2 p.m. A complete Amplify schedule is posted online.

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