3 Ways Autoland Delivers a Hassle-Free, Credit Union Centered Car Buying Experience

Buying a car is stressful. Not only is it a big financial decision, choosing a car also reflects on your personality (roadster vs. Prius), your hobbies (4-wheel drive vs. upgraded sound system), and your family life (two-seater? four-seater? 16-seater?).

But buying a car does not have to be a hassle. Searching car lots for the right car, negotiating with salesmen, going back and forth to the dealership to get the best financing—these can drain time and energy from even the staunchest buyer. Autoland removes all the hassle. They deliver an exceptional car buying experience to your members, while at the same time making your credit union the headquarters of that exceptional experience and driving direct loans through your doors.

Whether your member is shopping for a new or pre-owned car, here are three ways Autoland takes the hassle out of their car buying, while making your credit union the centerpiece of an exceptional experience.

  1. The searching is left to the pros. How long might a member spend searching for the right car at local dealerships? Autoland conducts a professional needs assessment with every prospective buyer—which can take place right in your credit union—to help them decide exactly which car or cars are the perfect fit. Then they scour their extensive dealer network to find the perfect choices to bring back to your member, choices that might not be available in local dealerships.
  2. Haggling on the member’s behalf. Car buyers consistently rate dealer negotiations as the biggest pain point in the car buying experience. Autoland lets your members skip the dealer completely. When they lay out your member’s top car choices, they have already negotiated fair prices and can offer them without haggle or hassle. And since members don’t face the sales pitch for dealer financing, Autoland delivers an 87% loan attachment rate for credit union partners.
  3. Convenient delivery. Once a member has chosen a car, Autoland coordinates their credit union auto loan and delivers their car to them—right in your credit union parking lot. There could be no better setting for that exciting moment when your member starts their new car for the first time than your credit union. An experience like that will stay with a member for a lifetime.

“As a credit union service organization, we focus on the connection between credit unions and their members,” said Jeff Martin, Autoland’s President/CEO. “When your members think back on the exceptional experience they had, we want them to remember being in your branch, and driving their new car out of your parking lot.”

If you’d like to offer your members an exceptional, hassle-free car buying experience that keeps your credit union front and center, contact NWCUA Director of Strategic Partnerships Craig Reed—creed@nwuca.org, 206-340-4789—and ask about Autoland.

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