GM Credit Union Discount Program Sunsets

As of October 1, 2015—after nearly seven years, $20 billion in General Motors (GM) auto sales, and $9.2 billion in credit union member loans—the GM Credit Union Member Discount Program is coming to an end, announced CU Solutions Group (CUSG) on August 31.

CUSG CEO Dave Adams said, “Partnerships change for a variety of reasons. In this case it was GM’s improving financial strength and the strong demand for its products that drove this decision. However, it is rare to see things end on such a high note.”

The program helped sell over 800,000 GM vehicles and add 400,000 loans to credit unions’ portfolios.

“This program was about cars and loans,” said Adams, “but in 2009 it was also about helping to save the domestic auto industry, millions of jobs, and the financial well-being of so many families. Credit union leaders should pause and be thankful for this unprecedented service opportunity that contributed so much in such a profound way.”

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