Cloud-Based Tech Brings Three States of Credit Union Professionals Together

A collaborative, high-tech initiative between the Northwest Credit Union Association (NWCUA) and the Idaho Credit Union League (ICUL) opened unprecedented real-time training and networking opportunities for nearly 150 credit union professionals spread across seven cities and three states.

Through cloud-based video conferencing, 62 marketing, business development, and community outreach specialists in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho inaugurated the expansion of the NWCUA Networking Council program. The Compliance Council’s September 1 event then drew 85 participants from credit unions in all three states.

Attendees remarked afterwards that they appreciated getting to hear best practices and ideas for so many different credit unions throughout the region.

Video conferencing locations included the facilities of the NWCUA, ICUL, and several credit unions in:

  • SeaTac, Washington;
  • Spokane, Washington;
  • Tigard, Oregon;
  • Eugene, Oregon;
  • Boise, Idaho;
  • Lewiston, Idaho; and
  • Pocatello, Idaho.

“The opportunity to network ‘face-to-face’ with other credit union staff members in our region is invaluable and would not be possible without the use of this video technology,” said Kris Watkins, Compliance/Security Officer at CapEd Credit Union in Meridian, Idaho. In addition to attending the councils, she served as an onsite host for Boise council attendees.

“This successful collaboration with the NWCUA is allowing Idaho credit union professionals to connect with more of their colleagues, share experiences, and create added value forums for change and talent development,” said Kathy Thomson, President/CEO of the Idaho Credit Union League.

Added Denise Gabel, NWCUA COO, “It is empowering and enlightening to see credit union colleagues sharing ideas directly with each other. It is much more connective than an email or phone call. This innovation will result in a higher level of cooperation among cooperatives—one of our guiding principles in the credit union movement.”

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