Seahawks Fans Bring Smiles, Supplies to Firefighters

By Craig Reed, Director of Strategic Partnerships

Anyone who knows me knows I’m a huge Seahawks fan, which has allowed me to meet some very cool, very like-minded people over the years. This last Saturday, one of the car clubs I’m in—the “Wheels of Boom,” comprised of all “Seahawked out” vehicles—went on a cruise to Leavenworth in central Washington.

As a club, we donated 52 cases of bottled water and 200 pounds of dog food for the four-legged heroes out there helping to fight the horrible fires taking place in our region.

A close friend of mine is fighting for his life after being burned over 60% of his body fighting the fires in Twisp—where he found himself trapped along with three other firefighters. Some of you may have seen this story in recent headlines. His three colleagues were not lucky enough to make it out alive. So the work these firefighters do means even more to me right now.

After convoying over I-90 and through Blewett Pass we stopped at the Leavenworth Fire Department to drop off the water and dog food. The smell of smoke was in the grey air and actual ash was flying around. The department was only being manned by two folks while the rest of the crew was out braving the fires. Not to mention the one fireman there said they are mostly run by volunteers and have very little in terms of resources—including water—available to him and the rest of the firefighters. He said many of them have been out there on 36–48 hour nonstop shifts trying to battle the fires to keep homes and communities safe.

Seahawks Love

When we rolled up, they smiled. It was like some joy was brought back to them. They came out and admired the cars and we did some “SEAHAWKS!” chants, but they teared up when they saw the amount of bottled water and dog food we brought for them.

Earlier, while we were at Safeway in town loading up even more water, we had tons of folks stop by, give us loud Seahawks yells, and take pictures with us and the cars before asking what we were doing. Once they found out, many of the folks circled back inside the very busy Safeway to come out with even more cases for us to help donate. It was very, very special.

Please take a few minutes to reflect on those local heroes out there fighting to protect our communities against these fires happening all over our region.

Click here to donate to the Northwest Credit Union Foundation’s Wildfire Relief Fund.

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