Family Finds Credit Union to Rebuild After Recession

Alex Lopez took a step of optimism and hope when he quit his job to grow his own business. Unbeknownst to him and the rest of the country, the Great Recession was closing in.

When the downturn hit, his business dried up, his wife Delia lost her job, and eventually the couple and their three children lost their home.

“We kept fighting to do better for ourselves,” said Alex. Delia put all her energies into trying to find another job. But even with all their efforts, it was hard to just stay afloat.

“I remember this one bank that I went to,” said Delia, “and applied for just a checking account.” But she was declined at the press of a button. “There’s no talking or explaining yourself,” she said.

“You feel like you’re not worth anything,” said Alex.

That’s when the Lopez’s saw an announcement for Point West Credit Union’s annual membership meeting, and they decided to see if the credit union might have something to offer them.

“The minute we walked in there, they made us feel like real people, not just like a number,” said Alex. The Point West team helped Delia and Alex start to build a plan to get their financial dreams back on track.

“You walk out of there with hope,” Alex said.

With Point West’s help, the Lopez family has rebuilt their business, and recently bought a new home. Now their family business is thriving and even employs other people in the community.

“We’ve grown so much from where we first started,” said Delia. “We had a couple of vacuum cleaners, a bucket and some brooms. Now we have a painting business and Alex has employees of his own, so he’s also helping them make a living.”

“With help from Point West, we’ve been able to reach our goals,” said Alex. But the he said they are just getting started. “We’re not done with our achievements,” he promised. “But we’ll get there at some point.”

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