Solarity Credit Union Awards Five Students With Scholarships

Shivali Dave, who received a scholarship for graduate studies, is pursuing her passion to bring healthcare to the underserved.

Solarity Credit Union recently awarded five students with scholarships for their academic and community achievements.

“Education has always been something that Solarity has supported in our community through seminars, partnering with Junior Achievement, and scholarships for students,” said Solarity President and CEO Mina Worthington. “Solarity feels that supporting education is how we can directly impact quality of life and invest in the future of our community.”

Shivali Dave, one of the recipients, applied for the scholarship after stumbling across it during a Google search. “I remembered seeing Solarity across the street from the medical school where we do some of our classes,” she said. So she walked in and asked about it.

Dave, who has worked in consulting and holds a degree in Health Information Management, is studying to become a Physician’s Assistant at Heritage University in Yakima, Washington. Graduate school is expensive, she said, and scholarships for graduate school are rare.

“I didn’t know if I would get it because a lot of the previous winners were high school students going into college,” she said. “It’s great that Solarity is keeping every student in mind. This means a lot, especially because of the lack of funding available.”

She said that, thanks to Solarity, she will graduate with less debt and more freedom to pursue her passion, which is helping those in underserved communities access primary and preventive care.

The full list of recipients is below.

  • Theresa Barney graduated from Wapato High School and will be attending Brigham Young University-Idaho. Theresa and her father were involved in an automobile accident that changed her life. In the hospital she observed the nurses courageously working to help her dad. This experience affected her so much that she knew she wanted to help people in medical situations. She now is an aspiring nurse and will use this scholarship to help achieve her goal.
  • Jacob Stucki graduated from West Valley High School and will be attending Brigham Young University. Jacob achieved the Eagle Scout award from Boy Scouts of America. He has a passion for helping others and plans to work in the medical field. This scholarship will help him fulfill his dream of becoming a specialized nurse.
  • Shivali Dave graduated from the University of Illinois-Chicago and will be attending Heritage University. Shivali has a desire to bring awareness to health care access and delivery of services, specifically for primary and preventive care to those in underserved and urban localities. This scholarship will help relieve the financial burden of her medical education.
  • Sy Ruiz graduated from A.C. Davis High School and will be attending University of Washington. Sy is an aspiring business owner and plans to run for a state legislature position in the future. He is committed to serving and helping others for the betterment of the community. This scholarship will help him reach his academic and career goals.
  • Diana Tran graduated from University of Washington and will be attending Heritage University. The example her parents set of sacrifice and perseverance after emigrating from Vietnam to America in the 1970s has given Diana the inspiration and drive to achieve her goals. This scholarship will ultimately help her become a better healthcare provider by offering her the opportunity to pursue her education.

Solarity Credit Union is honored to provide members with scholarships to help them achieve their educational goals. The scholarship program is one of the many ways Solarity gives back to their members.

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