Sponsored: Get a Deposit Taking ATM at a Deep Discount

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This deposit taking ATM will be available near the end of this month, and Peregrin Financial Technologies is taking offers from Northwest credit unions.

ATMs offer credit union members tremendous convenience, especially those that take deposits as well as dispense cash. But like any valuable technology, they are expensive.

At the end of this month, Peregrin Financial Technologies if offering the chance to get a great deal on an extremely valuable ATM. The company is de-installing a full function, deposit taking ATM for Providence Federal Credit Union, and they are accepting offers from credit unions in Oregon and Washington.

“This is a great opportunity for a credit union to get a top ATM for less than anywhere else. This ATM was sold for at least $25,000 new, and dealers sell them used for $10,000 or more,” said Sam Bosch, Peregrin’s president. “And since we’re de-installing this one locally, we’re open to offers from credit unions in the Northwest before we ship it off to a reseller.”

Peregrin will deliver and install the ATM for the buyer. If the credit union does not yet have an ATM processor, Peregrin can also provide that service.

The ATM is an NCR SelfServ 32, a freestanding, interior ATM that Providence Federal purchased a few years ago. The SelfServ 32 is a touchscreen, Windows 7, EMV-ready ATM that offers a broad range of capabilities, including:

  • Dispensing cash;
  • Accepting envelope cash and check deposits;
  • Funds transfer; and
  • Mini statements.

“This is a great ATM, and it’s in excellent condition,” said Bill Kearney, EMV/Plastic Cards for Providence Federal. “In fact, we have a couple of them, and we’re only replacing this one because we found that a different model will be a better value at one particular location.”

Peregrin Financial Technologies has been serving clients for 28 years. Headquartered in Portland, Oregon, they offer ATMs, smart safes, and other financial technology products to clients ranging from credit unions to Washington State’s Department of Licensing and the City of Portland.

“An ATM is a big investment,” said Bosch. “NCR is one of the biggest, most trusted names in the business, and the SelfServ 32 is perfect for a credit union looking for a full-service ATM that can take deposits and offer a new level of service and convenience to its members.”

Interested credit unions can contact Sam Bosch, President of Peregrin Financial Technologies, at sam@peregrin.net, 503.690.1111.

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