Become a LifeCounts Mobile Launch Partner and Bring Next-Gen Mobile Tech to Your Members

“When people think that something looks too good to be true, it can be hard to convince them that it’s real,” said Nicholas Howell, founder and CEO of HowellCorp, a financial technology company. When he was raising money to create LifeCounts, an online tool that lets people see their entire financial lives — across all accounts and institutions — in one easy place, one potential investor couldn’t believe it.

“He kept saying, ‘This is impossible,’” said Howell. “I tried to tell him that not only is it possible, but we’re already building it. But he just would not believe it.”

It turned out Howell was right, and two years ago they launched LifeCounts, which gathers all of a user’s financial accounts across all institutions into one easy place, making their financial lives easier to handle. Last year LifeCounts joined Strategic Link’s betaSpace program for the most promising fintech startups.

Now HowellCorp is building the next chapter, LifeCounts Mobile. But they’re not just moving their existing service to smartphones. The team is reimaging the way we manage our personal finances in the mobile world, and they are offering Northwest credit unions an exclusive opportunity to be the first to share it with their members.

Howell and team are inviting Northwest credit unions to become the exclusive launch partners for LifeCounts Mobile, an opportunity that comes with deep discounts on the service. Better yet, becoming a launch partner is so easy it’s almost unbelievable.

“Our credit union partners don’t have to invest any technology dollars,” said Howell. “LifeCounts takes care of the configuration, and manages all of the tech and applications to keep the service current. All the credit union has to do is simply decide to make LifeCounts available to their members at special pricing, and then it’s off to the races.”

The LifeCounts team prides itself on being able to connect any financial processing system to their network at no cost to credit unions. “If they have online banking, all they have to do is send us sample log-in credentials, and we do the rest,” said Howell. “Believe it or not, it’s exactly as easy as that.”

A New Era in Personal Financial Management

“As we started designing LifeCounts Mobile,” said Howell, “we discovered two big things. First, the days of budget categories and endless transaction lists are over. People don’t want to do that. Even when we asked them, ‘What if we could save you $500 per year by helping you budget?’ they told us, ‘I’d pay $1,000 not to have to.’”

“And second, personal financial management shouldn’t be a product that you have to constantly manage,” he continued. “It should be a service that works automatically on your behalf right after the point of sign-up.”

Howell said that, these days, people manage their money on their phones, and they don’t want to use their phones to go through all their transactions, sort them into categories, and make sure their budget is balanced. They want to use their phones to receive important, proactive information.

“If you open our app and land on the dashboard, what if we can show you — first thing — that you don’t have to check your account balances right now, that everything is fine,” said Howell. “What if we can tell you, ‘Hey, you spent more money than usual at your favorite grocery store this month, but you spent less at your three favorite restaurants,’?”

What people want, says Howell, is a new kind of budgeting that learns their personal patterns and lets them know where they are spending too much, or simply that they are doing fine. They want a service that can integrate their financial lives and alert them only when there’s something they really need to know. That’s what HowellCorp aims to deliver with LifeCounts Mobile.

Because LifeCounts brings all of a user’s accounts together in one place, it can sniff out potential fraud when other services might not. “Imagine that a member’s credit card is used is New York,” says Howell. “That might not be too strange. But if we see that they used a card from a different institution from their usual grocery store only 30 minutes earlier, we can instantly alert them to look at those transactions.”

LifeCounts can also alert users when large transactions occur, and when their account balances are lower than normal. “They might get a message saying, ‘Careful, your checking account balance just fell below $50 and we see you have some regular expenses coming up,’” said Howell.

“It’s like having a personal accountant keeping an eye on your accounts,” Howell continued. “When he calls, you know it’s important. When he’s quiet, you know that everything is fine.”

LifeCounts keeps a user’s data private and does not sell an individual’s information to advertisers. They are committed to establishing a new standard of responsible data management. Learn more about their commitment to privacy by visiting the LifeCounts website and clicking on Security & Privacy.

To learn more about the chance to become a LifeCounts Mobile launch partner, contact NWCUA Director of Strategic Partnerships Craig Reed at 206.340.4789 or

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