NWCUA Board 2015 Membership Election Process Concludes

The current Northwest Credit Union Association (NWCUA) Board of Directors election cycle has concluded with an uncontested slate of candidates.

Under the new governance model approved earlier this year by the members, the NWCUA Board is transitioning from a district/asset-size representation model to an at-large governance model.  Nominations were accepted for two three-year at-large seats on the Board. 

Current, qualified incumbents Debie Keesee, President and CEO of Spokane Media Federal Credit Union, and Brooke Van Vleet, President and CEO of St. Helens Community Credit Union, have declared that they are willing and able to continue their service in these two seats and desire to do so.  Because this election was uncontested, ballots and candidate information will not be distributed to the voting membership.

In conjunction with the Association’s Annual Business Meeting in October, the Board will acknowledge the dedication and service of both Phil Jones, President and CEO of Harborstone Credit Union, and Tom Griffith, President and CEO of Pacific NW Federal Credit Union.  Both resignations have been accepted in facilitating the implementation of the new governance model.

“All of our past and present Board members are highly qualified, highly visible leaders both locally in their communities, and in the regional credit union industry,” NWCUA President and CEO Troy Stang said. “These are, individually and collectively, an outstanding group of individuals who continuously connect with our membership throughout the Northwest.”

The NWCUA 2015/2016 Board of Directors Will Consist Of:

  • Jack Fallis, Chair, Global Credit Union
  • Brooke Van Vleet, Vice Chair, St. Helens Community Credit Union
  • Debie Keesee, Secretary, Spokane Media Federal Credit Union
  • Parker Cann, BECU
  • Bert Fisher, Our Community Credit Union
  • Jim Lumpkin, USAgencies Credit Union
  • Bob Newcomb, SELCO Community Credit Union
  • Mina Worthington, Solarity Credit Union
  • John Zmolek, Verity Credit Union

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