Dating Site for Credit Unions is Easy as 1-2-3

Strategic Link’s new CU Match Up tool helps you find the business partners best suited to serve your credit union’s unique goals and needs.

Credit unions have access to a robust web of business partners and vendors. But it can be hard for a credit union to find the right partner for the right goal at the right time.

Strategic Link, the wholly owned subsidiary of your Association, was created to help solve this problem by vetting top vendors, negotiating discounts for NWCUA members, and bringing top fintech startups to Northwest credit unions. And recently, Strategic Link launched a brand new online service to make finding the perfect business partner even easier.

CU Match Up is an online tool for Northwest credit unions to find the business partners to best serve their current goals, their interests, and their culture. Strategic Link launched CU Match Up earlier this year along with a revamped website.

“Different credit unions have different goals at different times, so a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work,” said Craig Reed, the Association’s director of strategic partnerships. “With CU Match Up, we can give each credit union access to the business partners that can best serve their individual needs.”

Below is a quick visual walkthrough of CU Match Up.

CU Matchup Home

On the homepage, click the CU Match Up link in the header. This will take you to the CU Match Up tool.

CU Matchup Main

Click the boxes that apply to your credit union. What are your goals? What product categories are you interested in? Are your team and members early adopters or more traditional? Then click the Find My Match button!

CU Matchup Results

Just like that, CU Match Up offers up the best business partners for your credit union’s specific needs. Click here to try it out for yourself!

Strategic Link is the NWCUA’s wholly-owned service corporation, using the power of aggregation to provide the Association’s member credit unions with exclusive, high-quality, competitively-priced products and discounted services. Contact Director of Strategic Partnerships Craig Reed at today to find out how Strategic Link can help your credit union save money while meeting its goals in 2015 and beyond.

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