NW Priority Volunteers to Serve Veterans and Their Families

By Michael Murdoch, Marketing Specialist, NW Priority Credit Union

NW Priority Credit Union (NWPCU) was honored to provide volunteers for Lines for Life’s first annual Military Crisis Lines Telethon! Over $30,000 was raised, which will go towards supporting veterans, active duty military personnel and their families through services offered by Lines for Life.

Lines for Life is a non-profit that has served thousands of people with addiction, mental health, suicide intervention, treatment referral and drug prevention education. Statistics on their site show they’ve been able to de-escalate 98 percent of the over 13,000 suicide calls received every year. The event, titled “Stand with our Vets Telethon”, aimed to raise money for these causes “because they touch so many families in our society.”

Although we took the final shift, from 7:30 p.m. – 11:30 p.m. and were all exhausted and cringing at coffee by the end, nothing could stifle the genuinely proud feeling we took away from being involved.

Folks from all walks of life called in. Some had war stories, some were just plain thankful, but all opened their hearts and wallets. Some $3,800 was raised during our shift. It was great to watch the FOX news anchors asking viewers to donate and within seconds hear the phones start ringing— and all while we watched ourselves on TV!

One final note that was very cool: NWPCU’s contact for this event is Fiona Milligan, Director of Development for Lines for Life, who wore a Blue Star pin on her lapel. The Mother’s Blue Star pin indicates that the wearer has a son or daughter deployed. So wonderful to see the commitment and care put into this telethon, and if there’s one held next year, we would love to show up.

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