Leading Website Praises Credit Union Small Business Lending

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Where should people go for small business loans? According to the personal finance experts at NerdWallet, they should check out a credit union.

NerdWallet is a company “focused on helping people lead better lives through financial education and empowerment,” according to their website. They post everything from credit card reviews to home-buying guides for free on the web, and have quickly become one of the most trusted names in personal finance.

Recently, they posted an article titled “3 Potential Benefits of Getting Small Business Loans From a Credit Union,” in which they lay out some of the key advantages that credit unions offer in lending to small business owners.

The benefits they mention are:

  • Credit unions are willing and able to lend money;
  • Credit unions offer lower fees and better rates; and
  • Credit unions offer streamlined, local loan approval.

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Northwest Credit Union Association President and CEO, Troy Stang, is quoted in the article describing the sort of extraordinary service that credit union loan officers often give to their members.

“It’s not unusual for a member to say that their loan officer is almost a partner,” said Stang, “helping them develop their plans and making the lending process as seamless as possible so the member can focus on growing his or her business.”

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