Northwest Credit Union Association and Idaho Credit Union League Erase State Lines in Favor of Professional Networking

The Northwest Credit Union Association and the Idaho Credit Union League are working together to replace state highways with high speed internet access and video. Utilizing the latest in video conferencing technology, member credit unions can now meet with colleagues, share experiences and create value added forums for change and talent development.

Video conferencing software provides a unique platform where participants across three states will collaborate through face-to-face interactions without time-consuming travel costs. Credit union employees can connect, network with distant peers, and receive the benefit of a remote expert, all while realizing a more efficient use of time. Video conferencing equipment will be housed at three Idaho offices in Boise, Lewiston and Pocatello, providing credit union employees with local access to Council meetings.

Starting in August, the Regional Marketing, Business Development & Community Outreach Councils of the Northwest Credit Union Association and Idaho Credit Union League will meet via video conference. Council members from Idaho, Washington and Oregon will have the opportunity to engage in robust discussions within a larger group setting. The Compliance Council will debut in September, and the two Councils repeat in October and December.

“We’ve been looking for a way to enhance the networking experience for Idaho’s credit unions and believe we’ve found it through collaboration with the Northwest Credit Union Association and their Councils Program,” said Kathy Thomson, President/CEO of Idaho Credit Union League. “Using recently purchased video-link equipment housed in Pocatello, Boise and Lewiston, Idaho credit unions will soon be able to tie into Compliance and Marketing Council meetings with credit unions in Washington and Oregon, thus expanding their reach and experience. We’re very excited about these initial offerings and will likely be adding networking opportunities for even more council groups at the beginning of next year,”

Denise Gabel, COO of Northwest Credit Union Association added, “NWCUA adopted video conferencing to bring together the Oregon and Washington offices. Holding meetings and seeing your colleagues a state away has increased productivity, deepened relationships and allows us to engage beyond a phone call. Collaboration of cooperatives is one of the core principles of credit unions, and our Associations/Leagues are no different.”

“Collaboration within the credit union community differentiates us from any other financial provider. It is empowering for leagues to be joined in such commitments,” says Troy Stang, President/CEO of the Northwest Credit Union Association. “Choosing to work together brings synergy to the council attendees, making the credit union community stronger,” Stang continued.

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