Catalyst Launches New Websites

Click above to visit the new Catalyst Corporate website.

Catalyst Corporate Federal Credit Union and Catalyst Strategic Solutions have just launched completely redesigned websites. The new sites include expanded content and enhanced navigation to help credit unions find the information they need quickly.

“As with most new websites, refreshing the look and feel was a key consideration,” said Amy Fuller, Vice President of Communications and Marketing. “For us, however, optimizing the site architecture was even more important. Our objective was to help credit unions find what they need as effortlessly as possible, so our first step was to put ourselves in our members’ shoes.”

The new websites employ a dropdown menu structure that minimizes page clutter and allows users to access almost anything on the site from any page. This is supplemented by additional sidebar navigation as well as a search tool. “With hundreds of pages of content, each one of which was revisited and rewritten during this project, it was apparent that including a simple search function would be very useful to credit unions.”

Other enhancements include a more direct line of communication to Catalyst Corporate staff. “While the old websites had contact information for many departments, including management, the new websites go a step further,” Fuller said. “Targeted email and phone contacts are available for every service line, and new pages have been added for contacting the Account Executives and Payments Support Team.”

The new Catalyst Corporate site also includes a Member Feedback section, where credit unions can explore results of recent surveys and provide input through a dynamic “Comments and Kudos” interface. “One of our key objectives with this project was to provide as many paths as possible for exchanging information and feedback with our members,” said Fuller.

The Catalyst Strategic Solutions site features an enhanced Learning Center and adds value through a new “Industry Rate Comparison” section and a “Peer Statistics” interface. “The Catalyst Strategic Solutions site has long included a wealth of research and information for credit unions,” said Fuller. “In the redesign, we corralled it all into a single Learning Center – a repository of resources that includes recorded webinars, key statistics, regulatory guidance, economic commentaries, rate surveys and relevant articles.”

The new Industry Rate Comparison is updated daily with rates for multiple financial instruments from credit unions, savings and loans and banks, allowing users to view this data at the state or national level. The Peer Statistics tool features a map of the United States that allows users to click on their state to view a wide variety of peer performance statistics.

What Members Need to Know

“I believe members who use Catalyst Corporate’s website often will be delighted by the enhanced appearance, improved navigation and additional features of the site; however, it can be challenging finding what you need right after a change,” Fuller said. “To that end, we offer some guidance for navigating the changes based on a review of webpage popularity.”

TranZact Log-in

Previously, TranZact users found it convenient to access that system from the Catalyst Corporate and Catalyst Strategic Solutions websites. This option continues; however, users link to a TranZact log-in page from the website rather than entering log-in credentials directly on the home page. This change will help to protect credit unions in the unlikely event that the websites are ever compromised.


The main Catalyst Corporate website previously showed overnight rates on the home page. With the new site, users have two options for viewing that information: 1) Click on the Overnight Rates button on the home page or 2) Navigate from the Investments/Rates menu. On the Overview page, accessed through the Investments/Rates menu, users will find a link for all rate types.

Links & Forms

Links & Forms was a highly useful area of the previous main website. The new site reorganizes this information in a more intuitive fashion. Much of the former Links & Forms content may be found in the About Us/Service Support section, which includes the following, among other, pages:

  • Detailed contact information
  • Forms
  • Access to online systems
  • Operational deadlines
  • A new interactive international rates calculator 

Contact Information

Credit unions visit the websites often for contact information. As before, contact information is available at useful locations throughout the website, and all of it has been corralled in the “Contact Us” section. This information has been enhanced with additional details and staff bios, emails and phone extensions.


Another highly popular region of the websites is Training. Going forward, training information will be located in the Learning Center for each of the sites, along with other educational resources, organized and stratified to help credit unions find what they need quickly.

Fuller encouraged users to “take advantage of the new search tool to find what you need.”

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