New betaSpace Partner SavvyIntel Helps Credit Unions Find the Gold in Their Data

SavvyIntel’s cutting edge services allow credit unions to see the valuable insights in all of their data.

Today’s business world is driven by data. Companies like Google generate the majority of their income by analyzing data and serving up targeted content based on their insights.

But wrangling billions of data points into actionable insights takes very specific expertise combined with the right hardware and software for the job.  Many credit unions are not yet getting value from their data.

The team at SavvyIntel offers a solution to this problem. SavvyIntel is comprised of former credit union employees.  While working at a $2 billion credit union, they helped develop and deploy a business intelligence program. Having seen the impact of being a data-driven credit union, the team at SavvyIntel saw an opportunity to help the credit union movement. 

“Right now many credit unions pull reports from their core, card processors, CRM, etc. This is really reporting more than analyzing,” said Blesson Abraham, the company’s CEO. “Members have integrated financial lives, but for the credit union the data is disjointed. We enable credit unions to utilize all of their data to make actionable, timely and high value business decisions.”

With SavvyIntel, credit unions can pull all of their data from multiple sources, gain access to rich visualizations and work with advanced analysts who can interpret results and share best practices. This enables credit unions to gain access to information to fuel growth without having to configure code or dedicate staff. SavvyIntel offers both software-as-services and custom solutions to fit the individual needs of the credit union. 

Abraham says, “Many credit unions spend hours every week inputting data into spreadsheets and may only get a limited view of opportunities and insights. For example, understanding underwriter loan performance can be challenging if the credit union originates loans in a LOS and services the loan in their core. Pulling this data together with a spreadsheet can be challenging.  SavvyIntel can extract data from both systems and paint a picture of loan performance by underwriter, processing time, etc.”

And with the rise of Millennials, Abraham says, “Social media plays an important role in understanding their behaviors. As an example, social media comments can help credit unions identify potential member account closures and allows the credit union to take preventive action. Business intelligence and big data helps you see patterns and insights in member behaviors, product performance, and service performance. This enables you to be proactive in identifying the needs of members, thus helping to continue the growth of the credit union movement.”

The team at SavvyIntel have over 35 years of experience, including experts who can provide a “white glove” business intelligence program. Abraham says, “We’ve generated more data in the last two years than at any other point in time, the amount of data we generate is only going to grow. Understanding how to make this data into a valuable advantage can help credit unions expand the movement.”

SavvyIntel is a Tableau Alliance Partner and Pyramid Analytics partner. Both software providers bring rich data visualization to end users. SavvyIntel has also been accepted into the Microsoft BizSpark program, which is geared to work with promising tech startups. 

SavvyIntel is offering preferred pricing to Northwest credit unions through betaSpace — the fintech startup marketplace brought to you by Strategic Link.

For more information on SavvyIntel or to inquire about services, contact Craig Reed at or 206.340.4789.  

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