Submit Your Entries and Nominations for the 2015 Amplify and CUNA Awards

Some of last year’s winners stop for a red carpet photo opp. Submit your entries for this year’s Amplify and CUNA Awards here.

From innovation to advocacy, the credit unions of the Northwest are leaders in their industry and beyond. And now entries are open for the 2015 Amplify and CUNA Awards, celebrating some of the greatest achievements in the credit union movement.

The Amplify Awards are the Northwest’s highest honor for credit union professionals. They honor outstanding credit union leaders, chapters and advocates. You can submit nominations at the awards website.

CUNA Awards honor credit unions for social responsibility, philosophy-in-action, and financial education. Regional CUNA Award winners are then entered in the national contest. And this year, instead of entry binders, you can submit your entries online at the awards website.

Winners will be celebrated at the 2015 Amplify Awards Dinner and Gala, which will take place at the culmination of the Amplify Convention in Portland this October. The deadline for entries for all awards is June 30, 2015.

The Amplify Awards consist of three categories: Summit Awards, Chapter Excellence Awards and Advocacy Awards.

Summit Awards

A northwest tradition honoring credit union professionals at the highest peaks of the movement, the Summit Awards will be presented in three key categories including:

  • Young Credit Union Professional: Created for professionals 35 and younger, the award salutes those who have excelled beyond their job descriptions in the credit union, in advocacy and in their communities;
  • Innovation & Impact: Recognizing excellence achieved within the last three years, the award recognizes a candidate who developed effective policies, practices and operations that positively impacted the credit union and its members; and
  • Lifetime Achievement: Honoring candidates selected by the NWCUA executive leadership team and Board Chair, then voted on by the membership, the Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes professionals for sustained leadership in social responsibility, credit union philosophy, advocacy and community impact.

Chapter Awards

The Chapter Excellence Awards recognize chapters for exceptional contributions to the credit union movement. The honors recognize excellence in:

  • Leadership;
  • Education;
  • Advocacy; and
  • Philosophy-in-Action.

A chapter demonstrating excellence in all four areas can enter to win the LEAP Award.

Advocacy Awards

The Advocacy Awards awards recognize excellence in grassroots, legislative and regulatory activities. Because advocacy is critical to the election of champions, policy advancement and enhancement of the credit union charter, the NWCUA honors advocates in several categories including:

  • Capitol Advocacy: Established to recognize credit unions achieving high benchmarks for legislative and regulatory grassroots participation, capitol advocacy honors are presented to small and large credit unions;
  • Advocate of the Year: This award celebrates the top professional from both Oregon and Washington for extraordinary participation and effectiveness in the Credit Union Advocates program, CUNA GAC, Credit Union Day at the Capital, Call to Action response, political fundraising and campaign volunteerism; and
  • Top of the Hill: Special recognition for credit unions that have excelled in, and increased their political advocacy efforts, this honor is presented for credit unions which completed Project Zip Code, met with local and federal legislators, wrote regulatory or legislative comment letters and more. The NWCUA tracks this activity so there is no entry form for credit unions to submit.

CUNA Awards

Northwest credit unions and chapters have the opportunity to be recognized regionally, with winners advancing to the national level. Three CUNA Awards celebrate excellence in community impact and financial education including:

  • Dora Maxwell Social Responsibility: Named for a pioneer of the credit union movement, the award recognizes credit unions and chapters for projects and activities that improve communities;
  • Louise Herring Philosophy-in-Action: Established in the name of the “mother of credit unions” these awards recognize extraordinary application of the “people helping people” philosophy; and
  • Desjardins Youth & Adult Financial Education: Named for Alphonse Desjardins, who pioneered early youth savings clubs and school branches, the awards recognize credit unions and chapters for excellence in financial education.

Credit union leaders also have the chance to honor their Directors with the 2015 Directors’ Awards. These awards will be given out at the culmination of the Directors’ Conference, which takes place June 5-7 in Stevenson, Washington.

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