Oregon Governor Kate Brown Visits Credit Union Advocates

In one of her first public appearances since taking office, Governor Kate Brown congratulated Oregon credit unions on their impact in the state.

In one of her first public appearances since taking office February 18, Oregon Governor Kate Brown visited with advocates at Oregon Credit Union Day at the Capitol.

“Congratulations,” said Governor Brown. “I understand we have 1.63 million members.”

Credit union advocates are very familiar to Gov. Brown, who has served in state government roles since 1991. Prior to becoming Governor she served as Secretary of State, and as Majority Leader of the Oregon State Senate.

When asked if she thought the state budget could be balanced without a tax increase, Governor Brown was quick to share her thoughts.

“I think the short answer is no but I think they’re looking at some targeted price increases… We need additional resources for career and technical education,” she said, “so I think you may see some fee increases. I think you won’t see an entire overhaul of the Oregon tax system.”

When asked about partisan politics, she noted the situation is more tense on the federal level than in Oregon. 

“I’ve worked closely throughout my years at the capitol with members of both parties, and with rural representatives as well,” said Gov. Brown. “You’d be surprised how well people work together.”

When presented with a copy of the Credit Union Economic Impact Report by Northwest Credit Union Association President and CEO Troy Stang, the Governor gasped, “Wow! It looks like you had a total economic impact on the state of $1.9 billion –almost $2 billion, so congratulations.”

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