WECU’s “Sweat Equity Team” Makes it Easy to Volunteer

WECU’s “Sweat Equity Team” volunteers collected, loaded, and unloaded items in March 2014 for a garage sale benefitting WeSNiP, a nonprofit offering spay and neutering services to low-income pet owners.

When nonprofits need help with a fundraiser or extra hands for a work party, they call Whatcom Educational Credit Union (WECU). Since 2011, WECU’s “Sweat Equity Team” has successfully mobilized volunteers for at least two nonprofit events each month.

The credit union has taken on a broad variety of projects, from rebuilding fences at the local Humane Society to registering participants for a fun run.

The “Sweat Equity Team” reviews requests to identify organizations and causes that reflect WECU’s community priorities: health, education, or community concerns, says Marketing Manager Kessa Volland.

Most of the projects the “Sweat Equity Team” takes on are one-time commitments, requiring a two- or three-hour block of time.

In 2013, 144 WECU employees—more than a third of the staff—volunteered for a “Sweat Equity” project. Volland proudly reports that, in 2014, at least two-thirds of the staff will have volunteered at least once.

“We are proud of the work WECU volunteers do to make Whatcom County a better place to live,” she says. “When the credit union’s staff give of their free time to support the nonprofits in our area, our members and community benefit.”

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