News From Inside the Oregon State Capitol, Feb 9-13

By Pam Leavitt, NWCUA Policy Advisor

It really was a strange week for those of us that work in the Capitol. It was business as usual with committee meetings, coalition meetings and meetings with legislators. The only noticeable difference was the addition of reporters walking around the Capitol, and of course that our Governor resigned. No one was celebrating this week, only sadness about the events unfolding. Governor John Kitzhaber announced that he will resign as Oregon’s 37th governor effective 10 a.m. February 18th. Here is a statement from Senate President Peter Courtney:

“He served in the Oregon House as a Representative. He served in the Oregon State Senate. He was the President of the Oregon State Senate for a record number of years. He was elected and served as Oregon’s governor for more than 12 years – longer than anyone else. No public servant has given more to Oregon. And there is another side. He is a friend. He is a son. He is a brother. He is a father. He is a human being. It is all of these things for which I hope he is remembered. I hope all of these things are his legacy. He deserves that. Governor John Albert Kitzhaber, MD. I am sorry. I know that together Oregon and her people will get through this.”

Secretary of State Kate Brown will be sworn in as the Governor of the State of Oregon this Wednesday. Brown has been Oregon’s Secretary of State since 2008. Prior to being elected to statewide office, she served in the Oregon House of Representatives and Oregon Senate where in, 1998, she was selected the first woman to serve as the Senate Majority Leader. Credit unions worked very closely with her during her time in the Senate. You can view Kate Brown’s background and legislative accomplishments here: 

Credit Union Bills

Our two priority bills were referred to committees this past week.  e now begin the process of meeting with committee members and working on getting the bills scheduled for a public hearing.

House Bill (HB) 2893

House Bill (HB) 2893 was introduced by Rep. John Davis (R-Wilsonville), Rep. Tobias Read (D-Beaverton) and Rep. Alissa Keny-Guyer (D-Portland) and referred to the House Business Committee. The bill will allow Oregon financial institutions to offer prized linked savings programs. The bill exempts savings promotion raffles from the definition of “gambling.” The Committee members are:

House Business and Labor

Senate Bill (SB) 582

Senate Bill (SB) 582 was introduced as a committee bill in the Senate Business and Transportation Committee as a courtesy to the Northwest Credit Union Association and was referred to the Senate Business and Transportation Committee. Senator Lee Beyer (D-Springfield) was instrumental in assisting us with getting this bill introduced. The bill makes several changes to the Oregon Credit Union Act. The Committee members are:

Senate Business and Transportation

Other Bills We Are Tracking:


The bill is related to the advertising of mortgage-related services and provides that material misrepresentations in commercial communications about mortgage credit products constitutes unlawful trade practice. NWCUA provided testimony on the current state and federal regulations that oversee mortgage products. We are currently working with the Rep. Lively, who introduced the bill, on possible language that we can all agree on.


This bill requires financial institution or credit union to respond to demand from Oregon Health Authority or Department of Human Services for moneys deposited to credit of deceased depositor or member by disclosing amount on deposit for each account in which deceased depositor or member held ownership interest and name and address of any person that also held ownership interest in each account. We helped passed an amendment to this bill and it passed out of the House Business Committee last week.


This bill requires financial institutions to permit individual convicted of crime to access banking and financial services. The bill was referred to the House Consumer Protection Committee.


Appropriates moneys to Oregon Growth Board for purposes of performing duties, functions and powers of board. Our own Chad Olney from Oregon Community CU serves on the Oregon Growth Boards.


A bill to modify the laws regarding powers of attorney. 

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