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The groundbreaking findings of the recent ECONorthwest study are so powerful, we believe those who see them — legislators, reporters, consumers — will come away with a deeper appreciation of the value that credit unions bring to the Northwest. And we need your help making sure as many people see them as possible.

That’s why we created the ECONorthwest Report Toolkit, an online resource guide that puts at your fingertips everything you need to share the credit union difference, including the hard numbers and sample messages you can customize to spread the word.

The Toolkit

Click here to explore the toolkit for yourself.

The ECONorthwest toolkit lives online at this members-only, password protected website. It was created to make it easy for you to spread the findings to your credit union, community, and influencers.

The toolkit has five sections, as you can see in the screenshot to the right, each of which contains valuable resources for you to use.


Six valuable documents to help you understand and share the economic impact of credit unions in the Northwest.

  • ECONorthwest Executive Summary — This includes all the most impactful totals from the ECONorthwest study, including 15,000 credit union jobs in the Northwest, $352 million in direct member benefits and total credit union impact of $6.8 billion.
  • State-Level Summaries — These Washington and Oregon summaries give a deeper dive into the impact of  credit unions at the state level.
  • Community Impact Reports — These reports feature the heartwarming stories of the people whose lives are changed as a result of the credit union difference.These reports give emotional resonance to the head-turning numbers of the report.
  • Talking Points — All the most impactful facts and figures from the report, boiled down to quick talking points for you to use in your communications.


Three valuable resources for giving presentations to your board, staff, members and legislators.

  • Recorded Presentation — A webinar that was captured for you to watch and share with your board, staff, members and legislators.
  • PowerPoint Presentation — The same PowerPoint slides used in the webinar, available for your use in presenting these findings.
  • Credit Union Difference Presentation — When you have a chance to speak to your local community about the credit union difference, this slide deck can help you share some of our best findings from the ECONorthwest and community impact reports, and how the structure, value and impact of credit unions are foundational to the economy.

Message Templates:

Samples and templates you can use to share the credit union impact with media, board, staff, and the public.

  • Sample Op-Eds — Opinion pieces customized to your state that make a powerful point about the value of credit unions, using ECONorthwest data.
  • Sample Letters — Letter templates to board, staff and members that you can customize to share this message with your team.
  • Sample Letters to the Editor — Quick, impactful letter to the editor templates customized to your state that you can edit and send to your local media.
  • Social Media Shares — Impactful images for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and sample LinkedIn messages that you can use to reach your networks online.
  • News Release — A press release that you can send to your local press to alert them to the ECONorthwest impact report.

Graphic Resources:

Images representing the impact that credit unions have on Oregon, Washington, and the Northwest as a whole.


Short videos to watch and share that show the credit union impact at work.

Sharing the Story

With these resources, you can share the story of credit unions’ economic impact in the Northwest far and wide, and show the world how credit unions are foundational to the economy and how they improve the lives of people throughout Oregon and Washington.

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