Coffee Vs. Cheese: Troy Stang Accepts Filene’s Weekend Wager

The wager is Seattle coffee vs. Wisconsin cheese. Luckily, no one will end up drinking cheese coffee.

It all started when the manager of a city in Washington state banned Wisconsin cheese from city hall in the run-up to Sunday’s NFC title game against Green Bay. That got the active minds of Wisconsin-based Filene Research Institute fired up, and they fired off a bet to some of their Seattle-area compatriots.

“WHEN the Packers win,” wrote Mark Meyer, Filene’s CEO, “you send Filene a bag of ground Seattle-based coffee for team Filene to enjoy, and NWCUA league president Troy Stang will have his photo taken with me wearing an Aaron Rodgers Jersey at the Filene GAC Breakfast.” 

“IF the Seahawks win,” he continued, “the Filene’ers will send you a wedge of Wisconsin aged cheddar cheese for your credit union team to enjoy, and I will sport a Russell Wilson Seattle Seahawks Jersey in a photo with Troy Stang at the Filene GAC Breakfast!”

You don’t come e-swaggering through Seattle tossing out credit union challenges without NWCUA President and CEO Troy Stang taking notice.

“I will take Mark and Filene up on their wager,” said Stang, with hesitation-free confidence. “If the Seahawks are anything like Northwest credit unions, then Mark better spend his weekend shopping for Seahawks jerseys.”

“Also,” he added, “let Mark know that we take our cheddar extra sharp.”

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