2015 NWCUA Committee & Task Force Rosters Finalized

The Northwest Credit Union Association is proud to announce that 2015 committee and task force rosters are now finalized. Those who serve on NWCUA committees do invaluable work to strengthen the credit union movement in the Northwest and beyond.

“The credit union leaders who volunteer their time, talent and expertise on committees and task forces are instrumental to the continued progress of the Northwest credit union movement,” said Jack Fallis, NWCUA Board Chair and President/CEO of Global Credit Union. “Our committees and task forces engage some of the brightest minds and biggest hearts in the Northwest.”

Our 2014 committees and task forces chalked up a tremendous number of important accomplishments. Below are a few highlights:

  • The Oregon and Washington Governmental Affairs Committees conducted exhaustive legislative reviews in their respective states, identifying challenges and opportunities for the upcoming legislative sessions. Their recommendations are the foundation of the NWCUA’s comprehensive 2015 state legislative agendas.
  • The Regulatory Advisory Subcommittee brought tremendous expertise to their review of the original NCUA risk-based capital (RBC) proposal, and helped plan a groundbreaking strategic advocacy response in the Northwest.
  • The Awards Committee recognized some of the greatest contributions to the Northwest movement in 2014, shining a spotlight on advocates, innovators, those who served their community, and more. By honoring these exemplary credit union leaders, the committee inspired the Northwest movement to greater heights.
  • The Political Action and Grassroots Subcommittee raised nearly $13,000 to help credit unions access advocacy opportunities through grants.
  • The Strategic Market Share Task Force organized public awareness messaging toolkits around cyber security and data breaches.
  • The Governance Review Task Force completed their analysis and recommendation to evolve our Association’s governance model to embrace the changing landscape for credit unions in the region.
  • The Future Leaders Task Force statistically uncovered the opportunity to intentionally grow and retain executive level talent in the Northwest.
  • The Washington Governmental Affairs Committee and the Defense Fund Subcommittee helped negotiate with the Washington Department of Financial Institutions to overturn the prohibition on credit unions using the words “bank,” “banker” or “banking” in describing the products and services they offer.

The newly finalized 2015 committees and task forces will help guide the Northwest movement through a year of opportunities, especially as the region’s credit unions continue to deliver real tangible value to the members and communities they serve. Some of the big landmarks on the 2015 Northwest credit union landscape are:

  • Long legislative sessions in Oregon and Washington;
  • An ongoing opportunity to deliver more awareness to the general public on the structure of credit unions, a structure that delivers more real tangible value to the members and impacts the communities that credit unions serve across the Northwest;
  • Expected NCUA action on risk-based capital, interest rate risk, courtesy pay, cyber security, and more;
  • An official NCUA regulatory review, opening opportunity for Northwest credit unions to roll back unnecessary regulation; and
  • The 114th United States Congress, controlled by Republicans, who tend to be wary of excessive regulation.

The 2015 committees are prepared for all of this and more, said Fallis. “I am proud of our 2015 committees and task forces,” he said, “and confident that they will guide the movement to new heights this year.”

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