Millennials & Member Experience: CO-OP’s Top Ideas from 2014

Whether looking back at 2014 or looking ahead to the coming year, member experience and millennials were top-of-mind for leading credit union thinkers. Member experience permeated nearly every post CO-OP published, and we felt the growing influence of Millennials in our discussions of omnichannel access, integrated technology, social media, financial literacy, and evolving member needs.

Here are four takes from 2014 that can help us meet the new year.

All About Millennials

These posts zeroed in on Millennial life challenges, behavior and preferences – sometimes with surprising results:

  • Are Millennials a generation of control freaks and delegators? Read More
  • What drives the Omnichannel Generation? Read More
  • What do Millennials really want from credit unions? Read More
  • Would young adults rather shop small? Read More
  • Can credit unions actually reach Gen Y via social? Read More 

Rethinking Your Member Experience

Again, nearly every topic we covered in 2014 was member experience driven. This past spring, however, we wondered whether looking at member experience itself through the lens of member needs might yield some new insights. Here’s what we found:

  • Which Psych 101 principle might help you motivate your members? Read More
  • Why you can’t build a better member experience without basics. Read More
  • Do your members trust you? Read More
  • How do you build a sense of belonging? Read More
  • Get the full download on the Hierarchy of Member Needs. Download Now 

How Three Credit Unions Connect with Gen Y

Nothing tells the story like a great case study. These three credit unions aren’t wondering how to connect with Millennials – they’re actually connecting.

  • BECU connects with Millennials where they live. Read More
  • Redwood Credit Union leverages education to retain young members. Read More
  • Georgia’s Own Credit Union is building a community of young members by targeting their needs. Read More 

Bonus: Access the THINK Vault

Millennials and member experience were also a focus throughout CO-OP’s THINK initiative this year. Here are three items that highlight Millennials:

  • Millennials explain their experiences with and attitudes toward financial services. Watch Now
  • MasterCard’s Chris Ensley dives deep into the Millennial experience. Watch Now
  • Learn more about CO-OP’s proprietary research on what drives Millennial bank switchers. Read More

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