Don’t Let Black Friday Darken Your Members’ Bright Holidays

The air is chilled, the days are short, and turkeys are disappearing from grocers’ shelves. The holidays are here. And the biggest shopping days of the year are nearly on us.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday kick off the annual race to fill homes and hearts with generosity for the holidays. And as your members swipe, tap and click more than usual to bring home those perfect gifts, they also run a higher risk of financial fraud.

Your Association’s Strategic Market Share Task Force compiled a list of simple tips you can share with your members to help them protect their accounts and identities this holiday season, whether they shop in brick and mortar stores or online.

How to Shop With Peace of Mind

This tip sheet, How to Shop With Peace of Mind, offers some simple, practical tips that will help keep your members’ accounts safe so they — and you — can fully enjoy everything the holidays have to offer.

Credit and debit card tips include:

  • Get receipts for purchases you made with your card, and keep them with you rather than in shopping bags.
  • Keep a list of all your card and account numbers somewhere safe, together with all the phone numbers you would need to call if you had to report a stolen card or possible fraud.
  • When entering your PIN, block the keypad from view, and rest your fingers on other keys, too, so that no one can guess your PIN using the heat signature left behind.

The tip sheet also has online and mobile shopping tips, including:

  • Use strong passwords with at least eight characters, including numbers, special characters, and a mix of uppercase and lowercase letters.
  • Look for “https” at the beginning of URLs. The “s” at the end of “https” means “secure,” and indicates that your communication with the webpage is encrypted.
  • Don’t store payment info with online stores, even trusted ones, because it puts the data at risk if the site’s security is breached.

The sheet also has links to sites that offer more information on safe online shopping, and tips for members who encounter problems with an online store, including links to contact the state attorney general, the state consumer agency and the Better Business Bureau.

Download the tip sheet here, and help your members enjoy a holiday shopping season with peace of mind.

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