How Do You Generate Buzz With New Products?

By Samantha Paxson CO-OP Vice President, Marketing

Later this month credit unions will have the chance to introduce a brand new product to their members. CardNav by CO-OP, a mobile app that brings remote control and alerts to members’ credit and debit accounts, will offer cardholders new levels of control and security – all in a brand new, convenient application.

Sounds wonderful, right?

But introducing new products is also a challenge. And never more so than when a product is new and unknown. While everyone knows what a low rate car loan or fee-free ATM is, not many have existing knowledge about card controls and alerts.

How do you spread the word?

Make sure everyone is conversant. 

One of the benefits of introducing a brand new product is its newsworthiness: People naturally like to talk about new things. Capitalize on that potential. Whether they’re talking to members or friends and family, everyone on staff should be able to highlight the benefits of your new product and demonstrate its features. Check out this short video for ideas.

Share it on social. 

Is your new product buzzworthy? Share your story on social media. For tips on how to get this going, see “Five Steps to Social Media Genius for Credit Unions” on from social marketing expert Uwe Hook.

Put your marketing muscle into it. 

Remember that putting a focus on your new technology also puts a spotlight on your credit union’s member experience – which makes your advertising and promotional efforts doubly worthwhile.

Need help with creative? The CO-OP Marketing Portal has an array of customizable ads, ready to promote your brand and your brand new CardNav app – externally and internally as well. To see them all, log into CO-OP Marketing Portal or contact for more information about CardNav.

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