Northwest Credit Union Advocates in Action

Credit Union Advocates joined together recently to support a candidate in a very tight race in the Oregon City area. Brent Barton currently represents the 51st legislative district as a Democrat. He has been a credit union champion during his time in the state legislature and is facing off against the same opponent he had in 2012, when he won with just 51% of the vote.

Credit Union advocates Char Shinn of Oregonians Credit Union, Mitzi Smith of Maps CU, Peggy Mehl of OSU Federal CU, John Vincent of Oregonians took terrific photos of the event, and credit union members from OnPoint and Trailhead joined in to canvas for the representative. However, the special guest of the day was Senator Ron Wyden who came out to Oregon City to rally the canvassers and lend his support to the campaign. Sen. Wyden was visibly impressed with the show of force. He remembers when credit unions first made their presence known in politics some years ago.

“We could have had your meetings in a couple of phone booths,” he quipped.  He said Barton and other candidates he supports “really understand what the heart of the challenge is, and that is that the middle class has been punched in the gut.”

Sen. Wyden predicted the discussion around wages — a key Barton initative — will be “one of the premiere issues of our time.”

“If you can find a lawn,” he told volunteers, “plant a sign on it. If you can be part of the leadership network and write a check, do that. If you don’t know anybody who can write a check right away, give us some leads, and we’ll call them.

“This is about pulling out all the stops,” Sen. Wyden continued, “from the ground game up to writing checks, and you should know, that the most prominent Democrats in the United States are with you now, every single day in the home stretch.”

On Thursday of last week Credit Union Advocates from five credit unions met with six state legislators in the Eugene area to discuss credit union issues and present campaign contributions. All six state legislators in attendance are running for reelection and greatly appreciated the support from members of their communities.

The credit unions were represented by Bob Newcomb of SELCO Credit Union, Chad Olney of Oregon Community Credit Union, Deborah Mersino of Oregon Community Credit Union, Rachel Pross of Northwest Community Credit Union, Scott Mulkins of First Tech Federal Credit Union, Jillian Daggert of First Tech Federal Credit Union, and Ann Yerkes of OnPoint Credit Union. These kinds of meetings are pivotal to our success in the state legislature, and enable us to continue to help share the importance of our structure, value and impact as credit unions.

Credit Union Advocates are also joining together to #CUGetOutTheVote via a Twitter campaign, and we would love for your Credit Union to join in as well. Here’s how to get involved.

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