Heroes of Hope Assemble at Spokane Gala to Raise Credit Unions for Kids Funds

Shadows creep out from the alleys between buildings in Spokane City. A street lamp flickers and goes dark. It’s the sort of evening that makes us wish there really were superheroes. But on October 8 we won’t have to wish anymore. The heroes will be real.

That evening the Northwest Credit Union Association will host Heroes of Hope: a Gala in Spokane City to raise funds for Credit Unions for Kids and Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.

“Over 250 superheroes are coming together for this wonderful Gala,” said Jamie Dedmon, community manager at the NWCUA. “But we’re not just fighting crime, we’re fighting the injustice of kids getting sick or injured and not getting the treatment they need. Together we’re going to raise thousands of dollars for Credit Unions for Kids to fund six Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.”

The Gala will include a delicious dinner, drinks, and both a live and silent auction, with items ranging from art created by a credit union CEO to a zombie apocalypse survival kit, not to mention great packages for couples, campers, wine lovers and much more.

Rhonda Baggerly, CEO of Sunset Science Park Federal Credit Union, donated two paintings that she created. “It’s pure joy for me,” she said. “Since God chose to bless me with a little talent, I feel I should bless others with it, too.”

Miracle Child

One of those who will be blessed by everyone who attends the gala is Aiden Kemp, a 10-year-old boy from Spokane who suddenly lost use of his legs this year.

Last year Aiden was bombing black diamonds on Mt. Spokane and exploring acres of forest with his friends, walkie-talkies in hand. Then he was struck with a one-in-eight-million autoimmune disorder called Transverse Myelitits (TM), which blocks the spinal cord and causes excruciating pain. Aiden spent eight weeks at Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital, a Children’s Miracle Network Hospital, and St. Luke’s Rehabilitation Center.

“I busted out of there,” Aiden said. Now he is in a wheelchair, but it doesn’t slow him down. “I got a need for speed,” he said. “I like to be active all the time.” He has taken up wheelchair racing, testing the limits for his new mode of transportation.

He also continues his rehabilitation as an outpatient at St. Luke’s, which includes a motorized treadmill that ‘walks’ him to stimulate muscle and nerve function. Some TM patients never walk again, while others regain some walking ability or recover fully.

Aiden is undaunted. “I’m not really bothered about this,” he said, running his hand along his wheelchair’s wheel. “I might not walk normal again, I might walk with crutches. I don’t care how I do it, I just want to walk.”

Aiden and his family will be at the Gala to share their experience of the power of Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, and the importance of fundraising efforts like Credit Unions for Kids.

Register Now

There are many heroes in Aiden’s story: his doctors, Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, his parents, and of course the courageous boy himself. On October 8 you can become a part of his heroic story, and the stories of thousands of other children across the Northwest, by joining the Heroes of Hope gala and raising the money that makes stories like Aiden’s possible.

Register for the Gala at the Heroes of Hope website. If you pledged an auction item and have not yet dropped it off, please bring it Amplify.

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