An Amplify Visitor’s Guide to Spokane

“Near nature,” says the Visit Spokane website. “Near perfect.” As you plan your time in Spokane around Amplify Convention, here are some highlights you might want to work into your schedule, or stay an extra day for.

In the City

Only a walk in the park from the Convention Center, Clinkerdagger restaurant is a Spokane institution known for its seafood and prime rib, and boasting full-service and fine dining. For more casual fare, check out the Flying Goat for its delicious pizza and Elk Public House for delicious food and a wide selection of microbrews.

If you’re in the mood for drinks, the Peacock Room Lounge at the stylish Davenport Hotel downtown is great for cocktails, and has a 5,000-piece stained glass ceiling. Jones Radiator does craft beer and hand-crafted cocktails. And The Swamp is a quirky bar with live music most nights.

For dessert, Cannon Coffee and Cone in the historical Browne’s Addition neighborhood is known for their handcrafted ice cream.

For breakfast, Rocket Bakery and Rockwood Bakery offer a delicious selection, and Rocket comes recommended as “probably the best coffee in Spokane.”

And if you just want to walk around and explore, enjoy Riverfront Park, ride one of America’s best carousels, and take the scenic gondola over the falls. And don’t miss Garland Theater, the Spokane Flour Mill, Boo Radley’s novelty shop, Auntie’s Books, and Drop yer Drawers — a second-hand shop with a cult following.

Outside the City

It’s fall in Eastern Washington and that means apples. Make your way 15 minutes north of the city to visit Green Bluff Growers, an association of small family farms and food stands. The annual Apple festival will be in full swing, you can pick apples and pumpkins, navigate corn mazes, and visit an alpaca farm.

Riverside State Park is another local favorite on the north side of the city. It boasts a huge forest on the Spokane River and offers hiking, horseback riding, water sports, rock climbing, disc golf, and camping.

And if you really want to get out of town, Coeur d’Alene is only a 40 minute drive to the east and offers an enormous lake and an even bigger national forest.

See You at Amplify

Spokane is a historic city situated in a beautiful natural setting. We look forward to enjoying it with you for Amplify. For more information, click through to Visit Spokane. And don’t forget to watch Benny and Joon.

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