Would You Put Your CEO in a Dunk Tank?

Credit Unions in the Northwest are always innovating, and when it comes to raising funds for CULAC they’re no different. The Credit Union Legislative Action Committee (CULAC) is our way of helping elect credit union champions to Congress. That’s why every year credit unions in the Northwest come up with creative ways to share about CULAC and collect contributions.

Maps Credit Union

Maps Credit Union in Salem, Oregon seems to reinvent their CULAC efforts annually, and this year they hosted a picnic for employees and their families. The event featured a cake walk, balloon darts, and tons of potential prizes but the most popular activity was by far… the dunk tank. Members of the executive team took 20 minute turns in the tank, while employees donated to CULAC in order to get a chance to dunk their bosses. With $1 getting you one throw, most were willing to give until they got the bull’s-eye!

Maps CEO Mark Zook had a line of CULAC donors waiting for his time in the tank, as did the other members of the executive team. Maps CFO Kevin Cole said next year he hopes to have other credit union CEOs take a turn in the tank to help raise even more funds for CULAC. With the bar for this event set high after raising over $2,000 in just one afternoon, hopefully Kevin can find some willing volunteers for next year’s dunk tank.

Penninsula Community Credit Union

Jim Morrell, CEO of Peninsula Community Credit Union, also decided to shake up their CULAC efforts this year. He invited Samantha Beeler, the Political & Grassroots Manager for NWCUA, to meet with his management team and take a deep dive into CULAC. He also asked Penninsula branches to innovate new ways to raise funds in each branch, which resulted in a CULAC car wash where Jim and other management team members washed employee’s cars for CULAC contributions. This idea along with a handful of others helped Peninsula increase their contribution 69% over the previous year.

Unitus Credit Union

Unitus Credit Union uses the traditional CULAC month model by doing their drive in July. However, they extend the fundraiser for 6 weeks and employ many imaginative and innovative ideas to help employees get excited about CULAC. These ideas included: a drawing for an iPad, Fiesta Friday Luncheon, jeans days, and a CULAC PTO Golden Ticket. The winner of this year’s CULAC PTO golden ticket was Lucas Dakota, and he will receive on entire day of free PTO!

Unitus also takes a unique approach with their CULAC Committee, which is responsible for championing the effort throughout all 8 branches. Committee member Mike Tierney, for example, visited each branch for a special CULAC presentation. This year’s hard work really paid off. Unitus raised $7,539 during their campaign and 100% of their employees participated! Whether it’s selling candy or winning an iPad, Unitus makes sure its employees know the importance of their contributions to CULAC and how participating in these fun fundraising efforts helps protect the future of the industry.

How About You?

Could your credit union help inspire other credit unions’ CULAC fundraising? If so, e-mail Samantha Beeler, Sbeeler@nwcua.org, to share your credit union’s efforts in the next CULAC Anthem article. If you think your board, executive team, or entire credit union could benefit from receiving an in person CULAC presentation or webinar, please fill out this form.

For more information about CULAC, you can visit our CULAC website. Website access is only for those who have signed permission agreements, for more information please e-mail Sbeeler@nwcua.org.

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