Political Handicapper Charlie Cook to Share Forecasts at Amplify

Charlie Cook, editor and publisher of the vaunted Cook Political Report, has been called “one of the best political handicappers in the nation” by the New York Times, and at Amplify Convention he’ll explain why things are looking grim for the Democrats in the upcoming midterm elections, and what that means for credit unions.

“The whole fight is for the majority in the Senate,” said Cook. Democrats face an uphill battle on four fronts, he said.

First, they have more exposure, with 21 seats up versus only 15 up for Republicans. And seven of those Democratic seats are in states that Romney carried in 2012. Only one of the Republican seats is in a state that Obama carried.

Second, Republicans only need a six-seat net gain to take a majority in the Senate, and according to Cook they gain three almost automatically, in a races that aren’t competitive, leaving them only three more to win, net, in competitive races.

Third, midterm elections tend to skew Republican, said Cook. Compared to presidential elections, midterm turnouts are smaller, older, and more Republican. “It’s like a thumb on the scale for Republicans that just isn’t there during the presidential elections,” he said.

And lastly, with a democratic president’s approval ratings hovering in the low-to-mid-forties, the political climate puts Democrats in a defensive position.

“Two of these same factors flip around against Republicans in 2016,” said Cook, “when more Republican seats are open and the turnout is favorable to Democrats.”

Cook will also talk about the 2016 presidential election, “not that anyone knows what’s going to happen,” and about “why things in Washington have gone so badly astray.”

Cook has over 40 years of experience in Washington, D.C. and he says that in the past, although the process might not have been efficient, it accomplished things. “Right now,” he said, “things just don’t work.”

“The challenges of the house are different from the challenges of the Senate, which are in turn different from the challenges of the White House.” He said that these competing priorities are grinding the system to a halt.

Cook’s Amplify session is scheduled for Thursday morning, October 9.

Editor’s note: Amplify Convention is scheduled October 7-9 in Spokane. Registration is open online. A full schedule of speaker presentations, breakout sessions and Strategic Link trade show hours are posted as well. While all rooms at the DoubleTree by Hilton are full, we are working to establish another room block in close proximity to the Spokane Convention Center. If you need assistance with hotel booking please contact NWCUA director, project central, Melissa Lovejoy via email or by calling 206.340.4830.

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